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2021March 20 -

Body cream that decomposes excess meat♪

Body cream that decomposes excess meat! If you are careful, you can ♪ massage lightly, start from 250g, and have customers who can continue purchase 1000g(^^)/*******************************************Private Salon Cocoro(KOKORO)TEL:050-5849-3171 Opening hours:Weekdays 11:00-20:00 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:00-19:00 ***Beauty salon / beauty salon / body / facial / constitution improvement / diet / partial slimming / muscle / muscle / muscle / pelvis / autonomic nerve / intestinal activity / beauty activity / beautiful skin / whitening / smooth / taya / rejuvenation / aging / immune up / health beauty / beauty / complex / cancellation / sakaisuji honcho walk 5 minutes / Tanimachi 4-chome walk 6 minutes / Kitahama walk 11 minutes / Matsuyacho walk 12 minutes / Tenmabashi 14 minutes walk Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

2021January 15 -

5 minutes from Sakaisuji Honmachi Station. (S lotus) your true beauty will start to shine♪

Srotas(S lotus)Awaken the beauty you haven't seen yet. "Detoxification" is the origin of S lotus. S lotus is an important route that shows "suga" in Sanskrit and flushes out waste products (toxins). The biggest theme of modern people is "aging", a phenomenon that prevents the "metabolism" of cells that are naturally carried out in the body with age. The biggest cause of the body's aging progress is the constant flow of "blood" and "bodily fluids". Furthermore, in modern japan, harmful substances such as pesticide residues and additives contained in exhaust gases and foods accumulate in the body, and human beings are possible to excrete toxins that they have done for granted, that is, "detoxification". That's why you can no longer do anti-aging or dieting. What is necessary for modern people is the detoxification and purification "self-purification action" of the body that raises the "function that can be put out". Srotas(S lotus)Let's transform beautifully during this state of emergency declaration when your true beauty begins to shine as your potential opens up!(o^^o)♪ are lotus products♪ please contact us.🙇♀💕(Care at the salon is available by appointment only♪ #プライベートサロンCocoro#堺筋本町#本町#堺筋本町エステ#本町エステ#プライベートサロン#プライベートエステサロン#ハイフ#HIFU#小顔#フェイシャル#ヘッドスパ#リンパマッサージ#リンパ#マッサージ#痩身#ダイエット#エイジング#若返りLanguageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

2021January 10 -

Reset [eat too much]! Clean Diet 2 Calorie Cut‼

.Berylica wash before ♪💕Because it is in a sabi, it is convenient to carry💕Reset [Overeading]❣🌈"Calorie Cut"🌈For example, ◎ Spaghetti Meat Sauce Lipid 13.2g(1Food 400 grams)(2.2g boiled mein 11.0g sauce)🌸About 1/2 meal cut ◎ Curry and rice lipid 15.3g(1Food 460g)(Rice 0.8g Curry Roux 14.5g)🌸About 1/3 meal cut ◎ Mont blanc lipid 17.1g(1Food 95g)🌸About 1/3 piece before meals, please eat 1 bag ♪ a day(4grain)As a guide. Please chew and eat or eat with water etc. ♪ for your inquiry m(_ _)m💕#Private Salon Cocoro # Sakaisuji Honmachi # Honmachi # Sakaisuji Honcho Este # Honmachi Este # Private Salon # Private Beauty Salon # Haif # HIFU # Small Face # Facial # Head Spa # Lymphatic Massage # Lymphatic # Massage # Slimming # Diet # Aging # Rejuvenation Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.


Reset "Overeed"‼Diet beautifully♪

.Reset overeading❣Berylica Wash is a blend of medical herbs from Ayurveda. Carbohydrate•By blending herbs that suppress the absorption of fat and herbs that promote detoxification, diet effects can be expected even for those who have had difficulty controlling their diet until now♪🌈3-step diet with Berrica Wash🌈1."Terminaria Berylica" 2. To detox diet arma, which inhibits the absorption of "fat" and "sugar", the archenemy of the diet cut excess, first arma(End digests)Detox 3. Prepare your stomach 3. Learn from carbonated spring therapy that has been used in Europe since ancient times, prepare your stomach and intestines and make it easy to absorb things necessary for your body One bag a day(4grain)Please chew and eat it as a guide or eat it with water etc. m(_ _)m💕Please contact us♪#プライベートサロンCocoro#大阪エステサロン#堺筋本町#堺筋本町エステ#本町エステ#ボディ#ダイエット#リンパマッサージ#筋肉#フェイシャル#ハイフ#小顔#ダイエットサプリ#腸活#健康美#体質改善#筋膜リリース#エイジング#免疫アップ#エキスパートローション#カーボキシー#V3ファンデーション#エステ#毛穴#たるみ#むくみ#成長ホルモンサプリ#ブライダルエステ#若返り#くびれLanguageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original content.


Tsujisuji Honmachi Private Salon Body Care Diet

. Hi♪ is a private salon Cocoro. Today was my first reunion in a little over a year, and I was too happy, and there was a loud voice ♪ When I shop, he told me I was going to go and he really came to see me, thank you m(__)m I was really happy ♪ you looked for it with hot pepper, thank you m(__)m And it seemed to have traveled back in time ♪♪ I am grateful that I will be entrusted with care again m(__)m We will strive every day to satisfy you. Thank you m(__)m increase the number of beautiful adult women Private Salon Cocoro #堺筋本町エステ#本町エステ#プライベートサロン#プライベートエステサロン#痩身#ハイフ#リンパ#リンパマッサージ#マッサージ#ヘッドスパ#ボディ#排出リンパマッサージ#筋膜リリース#フェイシャル#エイジング#免疫アップ#エステ#小顔#健康美#美活#腸活#体質改善#たるみ#V3ファンデーション#エキスパートローション#カーボキシー#美白#ツルツル肌#艶肌#便秘改善#若返り#ビューティー#大人エステLanguageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original content.


The part that is hard to fall in Tsujisuji Honmachi is also easy diet!

Good evening. The private salon is cocoro♪ today is a before, after of Hyfcare. I love clothes, and I want to refresh my ♪ stylish customers who are very fashionable! It was a request with the person who wanted to ♪ clothes which put out arms. Haif 2's arm 1st time. 2000shot at the base of the upper arm and the upper arm with a height. 4000shot with both arms. High-→ massage. The tension of the upper arm was removed, and the base of the upper arm was refreshing ♪ the meat which had been attached was decomposed with a hyff♪ In home care, cellulite and lipolysis cream were applied to the place where the hyff care was applied today and it was more slender. I want the metabolic enzyme to be filled, so drink enzyme. Sugar and lipid cut supplements before eating a gutsy meal or before eating something sweet. I measured it and made a body balance table! You will be aware of the current state, diet well balanced! I don't blame the meat and body shape that came with it, why did it happen? They find the cause Review of the habit that caused! One, two come out. It's hard to change it all at once. Habit of each one. However, there are times when I stop on the way. Why couldn't we continue then? Think about it. It might have made it a habit that it was difficult to continue. There is a balance of the life rhythm which suits that person, too. Let's make it a habit because it is easy to continue. And if you can make it a habit, you can apply ○ to yourself. In that way, let's clear each one and gain confidence in yourself! ! Age doesn't matter! Let'♪ do it, believe in yourself, ♪ go at your own pace without comparing it to others. Let's enjoy ♪ private salon Cocoro (such as, we will support you♪) face … Continue reading

2020August 31 -

Tsujisuji Honmachi Diet doesn't matter age!

Hello. Private Salon Cocoro♪ (※Private salon for women only) The body's spots have been refreshed with inner beauty and diet items - ♪ ◎ Inner Beauty → Drink enzymes containing 13 kinds of lactic acid bacteria in the morning and at night. ※ Instead of drinking for constipation improvement purpose, increase the metabolic enzyme to full and regain youth! ! ◎Take → 1, sugar and lipid cut supplement before a gutsy meal. 2. Wet the body cream that can be decomposed by cellulite on the legs, stomach and arms. Massage of the foot. (Massage is also important!) 3. Drink protein so that muscles do not fall off Put on a balance table and control yourself♪ I eat meals and drink alcohol, but I am devising by reviewing the contents. Age is no problem! ! Next year, I'm 40 years old. Let's enjoy now - I want ♪ diet! I want to make a beautiful body line! ! If you are interested DM, please make a reservation m(__)m Make many women beautiful, cute and beautiful♪ increase the number of beautiful adult women Private Salon Cocoro #堺筋本町エステ#本町エステ#プライベートサロン#ダイエット#痩身#リンパ#リンパマッサージ#マッサージ#ヘッドスパ#ボディ#排出リンパマッサージ#筋膜リリース#フェイシャル#ハイフ#エイジング#免疫アップ#エステ#小顔#健康美#美活#体質改善#たるみ#V3ファンデーション#エキスパートローション#カーボキシー#美白#ツルツル肌#艶肌#便秘改善#若返り#ビューティー#大人エステLanguageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

2020August 30, 2010

Tsujisuji Honmachi Women's aesthetics Diet from 30 years old is essential to care for autonomic nervous system

Women's Aesthetics [Diet from 30 years old is essential to care for autonomic nervous system] Before, if you restrict your diet a little or exercise, you will lose weight after 30 years old. I think there are many people who feel that way. We will introduce unexpected blind spots that make it easy to get fat and lose weight after the age of 30. Muscle loss makes people easier to fat people year after year. One of the causes that makes it easier to get fat and lose weight with age is a decrease in basal metabolism. Basal metabolism is the energy used for living things such as circulating blood, breathing, and moving internal organs. Even if you sleep, the basal metabolism is consumed energy, so if the basal metabolism is high, it will be a body that is hard to fat and easy to lose weight. It is said that 40% of this basal metabolism is used in muscles. However, as we age, our muscle mass naturally decreases, and therefore our basal metabolism decreases year by year. Therefore, it is also important to exercise moderately and build muscles to make a thin constitution, but in fact, there are many cases where it is difficult to lose weight by itself after the age of 30. Autonomic nervous system controls metabolism. So why does it become difficult to lose weight just by building muscles? The cause is disorder of the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous system is contained in basal metabolism. It is a nerve that autonomously circulates blood and breathes. Since the autonomic nervous system also controls metabolism, if the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, it is easy to get fat and become difficult to lose weight. After the age of 30, it is easy to work badly. Since the autonomic nervous system is an autonomous and working nerve, it is difficult to work consciously, but breathing is one of the few exceptions. Aroma also has the effect of working directly on the brain. Aroma is applied to the scalp, the scalp is loosened, the body that has become gutted is released the peritoneum, breathing becomes easy to enter, and by breathing deeply, it becomes easy to adjust the disturbance of the autonomic nervous system. And, it changes into the body which is hard to become fat, and is easy to lose weight. By all means, please try to experience The aroma oil used in the dry head spa is carefully selected. (We also sell) Private salon Cocoro #堺筋本町エステ#本町エステ#プライベートサロン#プライベートエステサロン#マッサージ#リンパ#リンパマッサージ#ヘッドスパ#痩身#ボディ#ダイエット#ダイエットコンテスト#ハイフ#小顔#フェイシャル#カーボキシー#V3ファンデーション#エキスパートローション#むくみ#たるみ#エイジング#若返り#大人エステ Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.